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08 Jul Gifts from Yandex.Cash registers for NWICODE CMS users
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Yandex.Cash — payment service №1 in Russia. Today more than 90 000 shops work with it. Suitable for legal entities and sole traders. All connections are online. Full integration with the NWICODE platf..
08 Jul Money Wallet
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This module gives very interesting functionality to the user of the application.Replenishment of the personal account, bonus for registration, crediting of funds from the referral systemPayment order ..
08 Jul How to Re-engage Customers in Your Mobile App?
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In this post, we are going to talk about why users stop using a mobile app they downloaded and then suggest 10 greatly effective ways in which you can bring them back to your app!This is a world of in..
08 Jul CMS for mobile applications
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Even websites are pushed aside by mobile apps, but they are still available only to large companies.What should representatives of small and medium businesses do?Unlike websites, mobile applications a..
08 Jul Mobile app for restaurants
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Mobile application for restaurants and food delivery servicesDo you know what technologies you need to use to create your own food delivery Service - what programs are needed for this, or you are not ..
08 Jul Mobile application categories and applications
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Any mobile applications are created based on the needs of users and the direction of business. And since all users have different requests, applications have different directions and technologies. In ..
08 Jul Apple rejected the proposal for paragraph 4.2.6
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Apple allows you to add apps created on specialized cloud services, provided that you follow all the rules when submitting an app for review.One of the most important innovations of iOS 11 was the red..
08 Jul Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out For!
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As the year comes to an end, it is time to plan ahead and take a look at the latest trends that would define the roadmap for your app and your business.In this post we are going to talk about the top ..
08 Jul What you need to know before creating application
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CMS NWICODE: There is an app for everything and everything needs a mobile app. This is something that we often hear people saying, but how true is it actually? Does every small business really need an..
08 Jul Create an online store in the mobile app
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Create an app for your online store and increase your audience reach. With the store app, you can now improve the quality of your potential customers ' purchases and attract new customers. You can eve..
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