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This is not just a goal to raise funds for the project, the project for the development of the declared modules will be implemented in any case, but you can pre-order by investing in an interesting module and get it much cheaper.

AR feature via Vuforia
New Hot
Model: 1.0.0
Creating an AR game with Vuforiaonly for new version of nwicode 1.2 +Augmented reality (AR) has long been a very popular term. Thanks to the Vuforia service, developers can easily Supplement the physical world with digital content.Create AR using the Vuforia service integrated with the Unity engine ..
Auction Module
Hot Free
Model: модули
Now you can pre-order with a big discount until the module is ready. The final cost of the module will be 250$Auction-a convenient way to profitably sell or buy things. Put things on sale and bargain for your favorite. Use trades from 1 ruble. Or place a fixed price like on a Bulletin Board to leav..
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