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Partners System

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Main functions of the module:

only for new version of nwicode 1.2 +

Flexible setting

Unlimited number of levels of the affiliate program - if possible, in the first version one level

Convenient display of statistics

Setting up the affiliate link type

Check the referral to the affiliate link or promo code

allows you to customize the type and size of your partners ' rewards at each level separately, and if you wish, then charge a certain reward to the newly registered referral for the fact of registration in the application.

Binding referrals for partners occurs at the time of registration after clicking on the affiliate link or when specifying the existing promotional code.

The principle of the affiliate program

User A has decided to become a member of your affiliate program - partner and begins to distribute its affiliate link to the Internet. All users who follow this link and register in your application automatically become referrals of the first level of user "A". Referral "B" partner "A" also decided to participate in the affiliate program and invites users to your site via its affiliate link. The user who has registered on the affiliate link of the partner "B" becomes his referral "From the" first level and at the same time the referral of the user "A" of the second level and so on.

When someone's referral performs any actions taken into account in the affiliate program, the plugin automatically finds all of its partners, located above it in the hierarchy and charges them a given promotion, the type and size of which will be determined depending on the level of this partner.

For example, it is established that for the payment of the order, the partner of the first level receives a fixed payment of 100$, the second level - 50, and the third level - 10 $. Then when making payment of the order by the Referral "With" the personal account of his direct partner "In" to be replenished on 100$, and the partner "A" - on 50$ as to the partner of the second level. 10 rubles will be credited to the user who invited partner A, as a partner of the third level, if any, will be found by the system.

The system allows you not to accrue rewards to certain levels of the partner, in this case, when calculating the incentive system will simply miss them and continue to accrue rewards to the next levels.

Internal balance and withdrawals

For the correct operation of the module, you also need a personal account Wallet module, it will allow you to charge the rewards received on the internal balance of the user, from where they can then make a withdrawal.

Withdrawal of funds from the personal balance of partners to the accounts indicated by them can be organized by placing a simple form on the desired page for accepting applications for withdrawal of funds. When you receive such an application on your mail, you will need to find this user in the list of users of your site on the "Users" page and change his balance for the withdrawal amount, and then manually transfer funds to the specified account.

The addition of Wallet will help to automate the process of forming withdrawal requests and their processing, which will allow users to create withdrawal requests directly from their personal account, minus the service Commission specified in the settings. You will only have to approve or reject the request, and the internal balance of the user will be automatically changed. In addition, the addition of Wallet will form a complete history of changes in the user's balance, which you can also track through the administrative part.


The module is under development and available for pre-order, the estimated release date is 5-10 June 2019

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