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Mobile apps for cafes and restaurants:

Ready mobile app is one of the tools of the restaurant business and food delivery services that can optimize workflows, increase average check and build a personalized marketing strategy. What mobile application will be useful to the visitor? It will help clients not to depend on the waiter or operator, it is easy to check the status of your order, use bonuses?


  • The ability to see the menu — one of the most important features of restaurant applications.
Order history
  • If the user prefers a particular cuisine, he will be able to repeat one of the previous orders.

Bonus system and scrach map

The loyalty systems is now no surprise. However, to carry a pile of cards inconvenient. But the mobile app always at hand. With its help it is easy to accumulate bonus points and use them.

So, the bonus system in the application network of pizzerias “Papa John”. Users accumulate points for orders, and then use them to get gifts.

Scratch card

Add a map that the user can erase, and then win rewards. You can add this feature to your app several times to offer multiple games.

Choose your game

Install high percentage of chances of winning, or low, the total number of winners, can play 1 time or several times a day!

Let your users collect rewards

Users get their rewards stored on the card, and then get them using code. Information is stored and available in your section of the analysis.



  • License CMS NWICODE
  • Module MobilCart and admin panel order management
  • Module Scratch cards
  • The loyalty module
  • Module Push notifications
  • Module of booking
  • Module subscription

The possibility of adding other modules, manage content online.

Help in publishing to AppStore and PlayMarket

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