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The module Club card Nwicode CMS will allow you to create privileges to its loyal customers in your establishment.

This module will help you to work with long-term customer loyalty and should be used together with the module loyalty Card, which was created in order to focus on short-term loyalty.

Using the module Club card you will be able to differentiate their customers on the loyalty card points that they accumulate for a certain time. Using the module Club card you can focus on customers that bring the greatest benefit to your business.
Taking into account that the modules of loyalty cards will consider only scores of one particular card, club card, the Module will take into account all points accumulated in all loyalty cards, which ever the user. This module is compatible with both the loyalty card default nwicode and module progressive loyalty .

For more information, please read the documentation .


Work with the loyalty card, the default card-level Progressive Loyalty Card
level 3.
The privileges that are defined for the level.
Adjustable threshold level club card.
Customizable colors and icons for each level.

The app's user interface

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