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Live chat support

Live chat support
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Make yourself available

Live chat and messaging create a personal connection with customers looking for support. It’s a fast and effective way to offer help—without interrupting their experience!
Integration with service - NWICHAT

It's beautiful, simple and works! Support chat will bring you closer to your mobile app and website visitors.

Start chatting with your app's visitors, the best way to help your customers and guide them in the right direction. It's much more convenient than email and much more efficient than making phone calls. Don't make your customers upset, connect Chat today.

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Chat, with the ability to create group chats

Want more?Create function to group chat with your customers. Now you can not only chat one - on-one with your customers, you can invite up to 50 visitors to your app in a group chat. The perfect place to learn or share feedback with your customers.

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Push notifications

Automatic push messages, text messages and email reminders ensure operators are always on hand when a customer needs their attention.

What you get:

2 modules, 1 for 1x1 chat with the client and a module for group chat 

To work with the chat, you will need to register on the platform "NW chat" from our team, add operators and get a key for your application. All management takes place on a separate service, You can install a separate mobile application for answers in the chat, use the browser version or install the operator panel on the desktop of your computer ( there is a version for Windows 7 and above, MacOS)

You will be able to install widgets of your chat not only in applications, but also to insert the code on any website. 

All the details on the settings and use you can find on the chat site, there are two tariffs: 

Free-1 operator (no group chat)


The service belongs to the NWICODE team, all support is provided by our team.

After purchasing the module, you get a free connection to the annual tariff "Business". 

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