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Module for creating an online store in a mobile application.

Create your online store in a mobile application in a few minutes! We are happy to present You extended version of Commerce module MobilCart! Thanks to the new Mobil Cart module , you will be able to sell their products from one or more stores in the mobile app. Users will be able to pay online using any payment gateways or cash in your store or on delivery.

Distinctive features from the standard functions of Commerce: We've added support for item quantities in the store. You will know exactly how much product you have left, and the buyer, if necessary, will not be able to buy a product that is not available. The goods without the presence highlighted in red. Products and categories can be displayed not only in the form of a list, as in the original version, but the tile — this store looks more compact.

Now the products are not tied to categories — if your store has a small amount of the product or only one product category — you can display them all at once, without selecting categories, and a description of the main categories to disable. We have added the work shop — after hours the store instead of Windows will show the buyer a pre-formed. In the settings you can specify the binding and visibility of each specific field when ordering, thereby substantially reducing and simplifying the ordering procedure.Each product we added the value of "Sorting".

Goods with a higher value in this field will be shown in the beginning of the issuance. It is thus possible to aktsentiroval the attention of buyers for any certain goods.

We've added online payment by card (as well as Google and Apple Pay when setup is required) through the system Cloudpayments, Yandex, Sberbank online.

Have now added the discount in the usual price for a buyer — it is displayed in red next to the strikethrough main price. To attract the attention of the buyer, all goods having a discount, you can enable automatic sticker "Action". The font color, background and the text is fully customizable to fit the overall style of the store.


added to the configuration an additional 5 custom stickers — you can assign them to any product that will allow you to visually identify the product from the list (e.g. "Recommended", "hit of the season", etc.) Changed the format of email notifications — it has become more clear and informative. Allocated orders by different colors depending on their status.Added each product extra fields "code" and "Model". Prices can automatically count the taxes, and to appear without them.

We have added a global setting to review each position in the ordering — if your store requires it, you may be required to fill in a review to order a particular product when you add it to cart. In our version of the store has 10 custom shipping methods with adjustable settings. Expanded mode options: for each option you can separately determine whether to use the quantity and price effects, has added a selection mode option in the form of checkboxes. Made the name of the options in the messages (before there was only the option values). Payment system: Paypal, Stripe, Iyzico, Cloudpayments, Yandex, Sberbank, Kiwi. Added description in the category, for more informative.

The ability to re-order from list of orders (items will be added to the cart). Options that are no longer used and which by means of the control module MobilCartAdmin set to "Hidden" is no longer displayed in the list option in the standard admin of the goods, if earlier, the option was not added to it. Added simplified API/HOOKS to create and edit the order you can write your own modules that will be activated when you create the order and execute your own functions and actions, such as module integration with Zapier service. In the navigation pane (bottom) added a separate tab with promotional products (it will appear only if you have such goods), order information, and we keep the buyer in the order, not the adjusted current settings of the buyer — therefore, in order history will always be relevant data at the time of order, regardless of whether the buyer changed their data or not.

Admin control panel your web store

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It's convenient control panel for managers and administrators of the online store that is fully integrated with the settings of categories and products with feature Mobil Cart. (sold separately) Watch your users, send push notifications, show discounts and promotions.
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