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OpencartModule - module of integration with Opencart CMS

OpencartModule - module of integration with Opencart CMS
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Module for mobile apps, to integrate mobile applications with online stores on Opencart CMS.

This module supports most of the features available in Opencart CMS:

  • Product options
  • The remaining goods are accounted for in the CMS in real time!
  • The order arrives directly in the CMS
  • Support payment systems, Stripe, Paypal
  • Detailed product
  • Sorting products in the catalog
  • Access order history
  • Shopping cart in real time

All the information about the product, customer and order through the app syncs with Opencart in real-time.



  • Opencart 3.x
  • Set the REST API extension for Opencart (the extension is available in the downloads)
  • Set OCMOD modifier (the modifier is in the archive with the Rest API extension)
  • Module payment at delivery (cod), payment module PayPal standard (pp_standart), a module for payment via Bank transfer (bank_transfer), and a module for payment via Stripe (Stripe)


  1. Download the archive and unpack it OpenCartApi
  2. The contents of the UPLOAD folder upload via FTP to the root of the Opencart website CMS
  3. In this archive is a modifier rest_api.ocmod.xml install it in Opencart CMS
  4. Activate the module and generate the Secret Key
  5. Install the module OpenCartModule on the platform
  6. In the settings, specify the URL of the data store and Secret
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