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Restaurants - module for restaurants and delivery service

Restaurants - module for restaurants and delivery service
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Currently, the popularity of mobile services and delivery grows, more and more people use a smartphone to order food. Your own restaurant app is the best solution to attract and retain customers.

Our application includes everything needed for a successful restaurant and delivery service.

An unlimited number of restaurants and cafes in one app

Unlike similar apps, we do not limit the application to only one restaurant. The application can add as many restaurants, and the client will be able to choose any.


Unlimited number of additional addresses for each restaurant (for restaurant chains)

You have a chain cafe? For each restaurant, you can add an unlimited number of additional addresses with the booking and display the entire network on the map.


The nearest restaurants on the map

All restaurants on one map - it will only remain to choose the most suitable! The map can be shown either all restaurants or just one particular restaurant, with all additional addresses. The card is automatically positioned to show you the nearest.

Online reservations for any restaurant

You can book a table in three clicks - select a restaurant - specify the date and time of booking - enter the number of persons and the request will be created. A restaurant employee will receive notification and will contact the customer to confirm, and then set the appropriate reservation status.

Different types of food

Each restaurant prepares dishes of a particular cuisine. Add the types of cuisine for each restaurant, a customer chooses that he is preferable to the now - spicy Mexican food or delicious rolls. Selecting a specific type of cuisine, the client will show only those restaurants that serves this cuisine.

The unique system of menu

Now there is no need to create the same dishes with different price for different restaurants. Just create a full menu, but the restaurant choose what food it prepared and set appropriate prices.

Options for each dish

We designed convenient options for meals that do not have any restrictions.


Category, subcategory and filters

Multi-level categories with the easy choice. The number of categories for a specific food is not limited, but the navigation and filtering is simple and convenient.

Tags and ingredients

A very handy feature for the client. Allows you to highlight the key features of the dishes and key ingredients. In addition, ingredients and tags, in addition to the output in the list, are also used in the filter.

The most informative card meals

And there is no need to explain anything:


Shipping or pickup

The customer can choose either delivery or pickup. There are 5 delivery options with different price. You can specify the time and date of delivery or pickup.

Bonus system

After each order the client to the bonus account automatically will be credited. The size of bonuses can be set as a uniform percentage of the amount of the order, and set on a particular dish. Bonuses can also be credited to the personal account in the module "Purse".

A single basket

The customer is now not necessary to issue orders in each restaurant separately. Simply put the necessary things in the cart and place order - the system will create an order for each

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