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Wheel of fortune

Wheel of fortune
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How to get customers to shop not only online, but also in your business on the "ground".

If you think that you have already tried all the ways to motivate customers to purchase goods or to attract them to your offline business, or You just decided to try something new, then this module will be a great addition to your application.

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Give gifts or discounts for the results in the game. Implementation of non-standard product marketing with the help of games-now it is possible. Intrigue your customers.


  • Random lucky guy. Provide a random visitor the opportunity to play the game, promising a bonus for it. Of course, can be and not random, and all. If you win, for example, to provide a gift for certain goods. 
  • Another striking example: to get rid of goods that are not in demand. For example, when selling rolls when winning the game to give 1 or 2 portions of passive demand rolls. The client will be very happy about it.
The functionality of the module:

  • Wheel of fortune.
  • Discounts or prize on winning.
  • Add a barcode to scan at the checkout.
  • Date setting - the period of validity when the winner will be able to collect his winnings.
  • The number of prizes and the deadline
  • Number of allowed game attempts per day per user
  • Customize the color scheme of the game and your brand
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