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Designer calculators and forms

Designer calculators and forms
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The module allows you to create calculators of any complexity and adapt them for your business and your target audience. Using the option "subscription Form" you collect maximum information about the client. Manual here

Easily sell any individual services and products, creating your own calculator value or form of payment (even with a subscription!) in the mobile app

This unique module can be used to sell any type of services or products : applications, websites, graphics, SEO, Pets, lunar fragments.... or anything else.

Your clients can obtain an accurate assessment of your request (final evaluation, the order is sent by e-mail), or directly make the payment via Paypal or Stripe . E-mail client can automatically be sent to your list MailChimp / GetResponse .

You can also hide all prices from the form and emails, to use them as classical forms.

Its intuitive and powerful conditional system and many components allow you to easily create any types of forms .

It can also perform the distance calculation and complex custom calculation , using a powerful and intuitive visual tools .

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