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Module training videos

Module training videos
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Connect your Youtube videos in the app editor.

The module is designed for the Sass platform to organize a separate page with video lessons in the editor.

 Videos are the easiest way to educate your users about features or how to work with your platform.
The "Training videos" module will be added to the side menu of the editor and when clicked shows all the videos from your YouTube channel.


  • Paste all your videos into the app editor
  • Clean design with photos, a title in the video list
  • Clicking on the video shows the Player inside the platform itself so that the user does not leave your site
  • Simple Backoffice settings for channel and no video to display
Your users start interacting more with the tools / platform once they watch the simple steps from your video.

They spend more time in your system and try all possible options and at the end of the day you will get happy and satisfied customers without any problems and questions.

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