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Module "Try your luck" for "Wallet"

Module "Try your luck" for "Wallet"
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Module "Try your luck" for "Wallet"

This is a simple addition, with the help of which your customers can try their luck and, in case of winning, receive a predetermined number of bonuses in their account in the Wallet module. 

The user launches the module, presses "GO" and the images begin to change on the screen. Images are randomly selected by the system, and if the images coincide with pre-configured winnings, the user is credited with bonus funds to his wallet account.

There are 3 pictures in total, which gives 27 combinations. Combinations and winning bonuses are set up in the module administrative menu.

The history of all the draws, as well as winning combinations, can be viewed by the user in the application by clicking on the corresponding buttons at the bottom.

All winnings can be viewed in the administrative part of the module, in the "Results" tab.


  1. Download three images, indicate the name of the module (the name will be shown in the title) and a brief description / instruction for the client (it is displayed in the main window)
  2. Indicate the mode of operation (without restrictions, once a day, once for each client). The "no limits" mode is designed for configuration and verification, we do not recommend using it.
  3. In the "Prize Settings" tab, indicate for each of the 27 combinations its status (win / lose, reward amount and message displayed)
The module is ready to go.
Administrative part:


The module itself in the application:


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