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This addition created for platforms version WEB STUDIO and Saas.
Has a simple functionality and can be used as a tool to alert your users that are registered on the platform.

1. Allows you to specify the timeout between sending the number of messages in one sending. (for compliance with the limits of your hosting) - coming SOON
2. Individual mail settings for sending - in the BackOffice by default
3. Not afraid of the absence of an address from the client - they just filtered the sample.
4. Sending emails on a schedule (cron). SOON
5. Check emails for spam probability using the
6. Specifying multiple sender addresses and use them randomly.
7. Sample recipients
8. Insert links to "unsubscribe". SOON
9. Your advanced log send with the entry of recipient addresses and problems - by default in the system
10. Address validation to exist.

For the purpose of organizing the sample of recipients used two concepts:
Registered - those who registered by you on the website
Buyers - those who actually signed up for Your rate, regardless of registration, addresses are taken from orders with status completed.

In order to properly specify timeouts for sending, write a letter to your hosting support with question
what limits are set for sending emails from the site.

Known incompatibilities (limitations):
1. The results of the functional check the existence of recipient addresses much depend on mail servers
and from the host that runs this module. So results are recommended in nature and do not claim to truth.
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