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Integration of RBK money payment system with the function of the purse
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Integration module "Wallet" payment system RBK money.

In the editor application, go to the modules tab wallet
In menu, go to the paragraph "Payment system" RBK Money (Fig.1)

The module allows you to recharge the internal balance of the user in the module "Purse" through the service RBK Money. The service allows you to receive funds with Bank cards as well as with GoogleP Pay and Apple Pay..

For this module, you will need to register with the RBK Money and fill in the connection information.

Module configuration: Fig.2

On the side of RBK Money:

Where is the identifier of the store (SHOP_ID) (Fig.3)

Where is the Api Key (Fig.4)

Where you want to add your return address for notifications (Notification URL). Attention, this is important! If you do not specify it, then RBK Money will not receive the notification about the payments and funds in the wallet are not added.! (Fig.5)






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