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Augmented reality AR / Vuforia

Augmented reality AR / Vuforia
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Creating an AR game using Vuforia

Augmented reality (Augmented reality, AR) has become a very popular term. On the Vuforia developers can easily augment physical world with digital content.

Create AR using the Vuforia service , integrated with the Unity engine and add your games on the platform nwicode
Here are some possibilities:

  • Setup data transfer from the camera augmented reality
  • Tracking images
  • Attaching digital content to physical object
  • Create custom interactions that are run depending on what the camera sees

Where can you use augmented reality?

The possibilities of augmented reality are limitless, it can be used in all spheres of human activity.

Marketing and advertising business one of the first to have adopted the possibilities AR. Augmented reality in advertising is used in all spheres.

Features of augmented reality are display cases, fitting rooms, interactive kiosks, promotional stands. Advertising campaign carried out with the use of augmented reality, evoke a wide response and, most importantly, effectively impact on the target audience, creates a sustained positive impression of the product or service.

Product presentation in 3D format ensures the involvement of potential customers in the process of examination of the goods, especially if you can disassemble the picture into layers. The buyer can examine the item from all sides, "twirl" it 360 degrees. Examining the product under all angles, the buyer will present its complete form and will be able to evaluate the product


Module to integrate the Vuforia AR in your app

Follow these steps to get a license key in the function of AR using Vuforia:

If you have created an account inDeveloper Vuforiasign in or register.

After logging in Vuforia dashboard, select the design tab and click the button to key development

In the license Manager section, Specify the application name and click Confirm to continue.

Copy the license key and paste it into the license key in the module AR

Full documentation will be available after the implementation of this module.

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