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The use of geo-zoning


With geo-location are often closely related to the geo-zoning — definition

the fact that a particular application user is in the desired region on the map (geo-zone). With the help of geo-zoning you can send a trigger push notifications based on change information of the location of each specific user.You can set up automatic emails that will be sent to each customer exactly when it is in the correct location: enter a specific city, go to the particular Mall — pass by a certain point on the map.

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These automatic messages can be very strong marketing tool. Some examples of trigger messages based on geo-zoning:

[The user is near your store] Hello! Today discounts in our shops: up to 40%. The store nearest you: St. Gogol 3 (100 metres).

  • The user is near your store: Hello! Today discounts in our shops: up to 40%. The store nearest you: St. Gogol 3 (100 metres).
  • Customer fast food chains moving to another city: Welcome to Minsk! If you get hungry, visit us in Golden Bagel. Map of the offices in Minsk:<ссылка на карту отделений>
  • The client was on the bridge where, according to the reports, gathered tube: Stuck in traffic? Suggest you read the latest news of your city!
  • The user is in the stadium, which now hosts a concert: Charge the positives! Cream-Cola is the official partner of the concert, ask for the drink at the point of sale.

Try to offer a few ideas:

Cooking, bakery, ice cream parlor.

You have made a new recipe for your product and need feedback from your consumers. When a client enters your application you specified geo-zone, he receives an invitation for a free tasting. You realize no extra cost for advertising the event, and at the same time the increased flow of visitors to your institution (everyone loves a freebie!) in addition to free product samples, sweeps out shopping the other shelves of vending product. Do you think the rescue!

Real estate Agency.

Customers of your application who are in search for their property, moved about their business. Getting into geo-zone around the object that would be of interest to them, they get a notification with description and address. And if they're interested, they can visit this object to view with minimal expenses. Another option is mailing list of "new" objects, just arrived in your base.

The tour company.

According to the above principle — sending hot rounds.

Also: information on interesting objects, near which is a user of your app, and the possibility of their tour visits.

Restaurants, cafes and bars.

Geo-fencing does not have to be around your object. You can designate around competing institutions. When a potential customer goes to your competitor, he receives your notice that you have only today, special offer with reduced prices on lunch menu.

Another option: a report at the end of a football match that your institution is located within walking distance of the geo-zone of the stadium, on the occasion of the victory of their favorite team every third Cola(?) free of charge (you will regain the fans destroyed tons of snacks).

Geo-zones can be installed at any desired distance. This can be a city, or maybe just the sidewalk in front of your store. GPS technology is very sensitive. If you have a large city, finding it completely covering a geo-zone is unlikely to be effective. Many clients just cannot or do not want to get to you, and your competitors on their way will be enough. You might want to consider as a goal the next quarter. But if you have a small town, and you it monopoly, the coverage of all areas to be successful.

This tool generates additional traffic for you. But don't forget about your customers. Sending push notifications using geo-zones should be of use to them, otherwise they will simply reject your emails.

There are many ways to creatively use geo-zones. Applying non-standard approaches to advertising campaigns and generating creative ideas to promote products and services, you can achieve a lot! We provide you with a unique tool — free send unlimited amount of push notifications with the ability to choose your location.

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