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Integration of payment system

Integration of payment system
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Payment system – a mandatory attribute of a mobile application designed for business. If you sell products or services online, your customers need a convenient and secure means for payments, and secure payment system.

The cost of connecting to the payment system to the website may be different at different companies-aggregators. It depends on many factors.

The cost of the connection. Today, many aggregators practice free connection is based on long term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

The cost of support and maintenance of the system.

The type of integration. Integration without intervention in the code of the site will cost more.

The presence or absence of security Deposit.

In addition, many payment systems work under the contract, implying the introduction of a monthly payment, and the transaction subject to the Commission, which is from 2 to 5%. The timing can also vary: if the selected system can be used for a period of 3 days, others start to function only after 2 weeks after registration.

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