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О компании

The NWICODE CMS project, an open source mobile app Builder, was launched in beta testing in 2019. Since 2016, the platform has been offered only on the version of the cloud solution for the creation of mobile applications. 

Our goal

Not a month goes by without the launch of new platforms and mobile application designers on the market. All these platforms with DRAG & DROP and ready-made features. These solutions are very standardized and do not allow you to develop and control your application.

We eliminate these limitations by providing open source code that every developer could easily and with a quick start to create mobile applications for all areas and categories of business.

All we are is our ideas and our colleagues. To get up in the morning and go to work we make only the people who work within the walls of our company. I have always believed that proper selection of employees is the key to success in any business.

Why us:

  • Young and close-knit team, which is set to conquer the most incredible ideas and implementation of complex tasks.
  • We are for accessibility and transparency. As we grow our business, we strive to develop business products that are more accessible and manageable, while giving third-party developers ready-made tools and the ability to collaborate on projects.
  • The company develops together with people. Our employees play an important role in the development of the company. We see talent and try to unlock the potential of each employee.


Team Manager of the client Department. Coordinate sales, manage the traffic and distribute the proceeds. The company's managers undergo regular refresher courses and the latest innovations of the industry.
Head of sales Department
Developing a promotion strategy of company on Russian and international market.
Manager of the client Department
You will find the approach to any client, advise and help to solve important issues
Sales Manager

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