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Import/export of goods


For owners of e-Commerce module MobilCart designer of mobile applications NWCODE, we have created a tool that allows in a few clicks of the mouse to upload the entire product catalog to a CSV file or to download a product catalog from a file in the common CSV format, or the format of Yandex YML (more information about this format can be readhere).

Export directory

Directory loading in a CSV file by pressing the button “Export all data to CSV”. The download link will open in a new window. As delimiters the file uses a comma.

Attention! The internal encoding of the application is UTF – 8, and the unloading occurs exactly in this encoding. Therefore, to work with this file, you'll need an editor that supports UTF-8 encoding. Microsoft Office this, unfortunately, can not use alternative editors working with such an encoding, such as OpenOffice.

The uploaded file follows the following rules:

  •  The column separator - comma

  •  A parameter separator by a vertical slash “|”

  •  Long texts between the column delimiters close the quotation marks

  •  Pictures are not uploaded, since the server stores only optimized thumbnails

    Marking fields:

  •  Categories – product category, including parent category. For Example, Category 1|

    Subcategory of Category1|Subcategory of Subcategory

  •  Name – product name

  •  Model of the product

  •  SKU – the SKU of the product

  •  Description – item description

  •  Quantity – quantity of goods (even if the number of disabled in store settings)

  •  Price - price of product

  •  Special price – the price of the goods at a discount

  •  Formats Product formats product

  •  Sort Order – sorting index



  •  Required Checkbox options – options of the product

  •  Not required Checkbox options– options of the product

  •   Required Listbox options with price– опции товара

  •   Not Required Listbox options with price– опции товара

    Explanation of the fields:

  •  Sort Order – the higher the value in this field, the higher will be shown the item in the results

  •  Product formats the product is not a fixed price and dynamic, for example, komplektatsiyu. In this case, the basic price does not apply, and takes the price from that field, for example {Package Econom}:5000|{standard Package}:7000|{Premium Package}:10000

  •  Not required and Required Checkbox options the Checkbox options is option product in the form of a checkbox (checkboxes). These options do not have quantity and price of goods is not affected. Options can be mandatory – reuired and not required – not required. Options are also enclosed in braces and separated by vertical bars, but contain also the name of a group, e.g. {Color}{Red}|{Color}{Blue}| {Color}{Gray}|{Dial}{Green}|{Dial}{Orange}

  •  Required Listbox options with price and Not Required Listbox options with price is the options item in the list view. Such options are in the product number and price. The format of options is similar to the previous item {phone Memory}{8Gb}:2000|{phone Memory} {16GB}:3500|{phone Memory}{32GB}:5000|{case Color}{Red}:10000|{case Color}{Blue}:15000

    Import directory

    The import works in two steps. The first stage is downloading the file to the server and its analysis.

    To upload a file to the server in two ways – from the computer by selecting the appropriate item in the list, or from a remote resource (if you, for example, load a YML file with your shop, you can simply provide a link to this file). Pay attention to the correct choice of file format.

    Formats a CSV file to import.

    It is similar to the paged file format, with the exception of one column Images. In this column you need using the sign “|” to list URLS of all the images of this product. The first image will be set as primary in the directory. Categories should also be listed through sign “|” in order from superior to the current one. The order of following of columns is not important but column names should be exactly like this, because data binding is the name of the column. If a column is to assume that these values are not in the directory will be recorded with blank data (excluding the name of the item – this column is mandatory).


Formats YML file to import.

Standard YML (Yandex Market Language) is developed by Yandex and is based on the XML standard. This format is de facto became one of the standards for data exchange between the stores to the segment. You can read more about the YML format and review its standards and rules, you canat this address.

To import Mobilcart following fields are used:

  •  Category in the section categories including the Id and ParentId parameters – these parameters formed the category tree

  •  Offer in the offers section, specifically:

  •  price (or discounted price if you have oldprice)

  •  oldprice – price without a discount (if this product is discount)

  •  categoryId – id of category used in the section categories

  •  An array of picture – a set of reference images, the first image will be installed


  •  name – product Name

  •  model of the product

  •   description – Описание товара, должно быть заключено в

  •  param – parameters or attributes

    Please note, this default format contains a field for the SKU (SKU).

    For full coverage of all of the features of e-Commerce MobilCart we added YML support for additional fields:

  1. sku (Some SKU number)

  2. qty (10)

  3. sort_order (99)

These fields are not required and as standard, they do not exist, but you can add them to your YML file, and then they will be processed. If these fields exist, then the values for the SKU and Sort Order you can specify by default.

We have expanded the capabilities of the field param parameters as_checkbox, required and price. If the option has a parameter as_checkbox=true, for example:

Синий Red

If a group of parameters at least one parameter has this attribute, then the entire option group "Color" will be displayed in the checkbox, otherwise the option will be in the form

If the option has a parameter required=”true”, then completing this field is mandatory:

Красный Зеленый

By default, each option has a zero price. But if you want the option affect the final price of a product, it is possible to param options add option price=”some summ”, for example:

Красный Зеленый

In this case, when selecting this option, the cost of goods will increase at a specified price in the option. Please note that the price may only be specified as options with the type "list" for the options in the checkbox price is not considered and does not apply!

Download options

Download the catalog has several modes:

  1. Download only new positions

  2. Download of new positions and updating existing

  3. Updates to existing products.

How to download and update checkboxes should be noted category from which you want to take the data in the import file. This allows you to upload and update only part of the catalog. If the categories are many and you want to import all, use the “Select All” / “Unselect All”.

Newly created items in the form must specify the "Tax" - will be applied to all newly created products.

Find the right category for the generated product is produced by category name. If the category is not found, it will be an attempt to create the category tree for this product.

Update modes

To update the data in the first place is the search of suitable goods catalog. The search is performed by name, article number (SKU) or model, depending on the settings.

In different stores field Model and SKU instead of the conventional data may contain their own internal designations, so you can specify which field and which field to compare. Be careful with this setting! – inattentive or careless use may upload to the directory duplicate entry. The default is to compare by name.

In YML format for each item you can specify its accessibility. For this recording offer option is available. It can be true or false, depending on product availability. When you download the catalog you can consider the value of this field to not load or not to update the missing positions.

Refresh (Update options)

You can upgrade only some of the data. To do this, select the appropriate options in the upload form:

  •  To update the title (Update name) – the name will be updated

  •  To update the quantity (Update quantity) – the quantity of goods will be updated

  •  Update article (Update SKU) – product number will be updated

  •  To update the product model (Update Model ) is a product model will be updated

  •  To update the price (Update price) – the price of goods will be updated, but note that if the product is formats, they will be removed (unless included updating formats)

  •  Upgrade promotional price (Update special price) – promotional price of product is updated, but note that if the product is formats, they will be removed (unless included updating formats)

  •  To update the description (Update description) – product description will be updated

  •  Update options (Update options) – option item to be updated or deleted if they

    not in file the download.

  •  To update the formats of the product (Update formats) – formats the product will be updated or deleted if they are not in the file the download. If the formats are specified, the price of the goods will be removed!

  •  To update the sorting (Update sort order) and sorting index of the item to be updated.

  •  Update image (Update Images)- image will be updated (or removed, if boot file not specified). Caution, do not use to download the same images that were obtained during the unloading of the catalog, the quality will inevitably deteriorate!

Update categories from existing products is not possible.

Download of the product occurs asynchronously. After the download will be shown a number of new products edited products and the number of created categories.

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