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Loyalty card

With loyalty card you will be able to create a savings bonus.

For example, after several purchases the reward is, "a hamburger for the first ten purchased." To confirm loyalty points, a business owner will have to enter a four-digit password. As in the case with the loyalty card, the customer must show their card to the retailer for activation, and with our digital loyalty card the customer must show their smartphone, and the seller need to enter your four-digit password to confirm the points.

1. Create loyalty card

Here's what you need to create a loyalty card:

  • the total number of points
  • award
  • in what place confirm


Снимок экрана 2019-09-22 в 16.07.04.png

You can also add your own images to illustrate the points of the map with the buttons "Point inactive" and "active Point".

2. A four-digit password and create a QR code:

You can create a password and QR code for each employee.

To create a password, just click "My passwords" :

Clicking on the logo QRCode, you can download a QRCode that you can use instead of a password.

Снимок экрана 2019-09-22 в 16.08.56.png

The seller chooses the number of points and enters his password.

You cannot edit or delete a loyalty card. Why? Since it works like a real card, when the user receives a card with a specific proposal and starts to inspect some items on it, it cannot be changed (this means that it would be too easy to attract customers with a great offer and then change it to a lower one, while they already have some items checked on this).
But it is possible to create a new card with a new offer. All customers who have already confirmed their scores on the old map, will continue to use this card until then, until it is completely confirmed, and then they will get a new card. Customers that have not yet confirmed the points on the old map, get a new

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