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With the function of Commerce you will be able to sell their products from one or more stores. Users will be able to pay online through Yandex the cashier, savings Bank online, Paypal ,Stripe, Wallet or pay in your store or on delivery.

Note: each store you create will have the same directory

  1. Click on + to add a store and fill out information about your store:
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  • Then add your shipping options
  • Then, add your payment options.

2. Go to "Catalog" and click " My categories ":

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The first is automatically created, but will not be shown to users. This is your root category, but, again, it will not be shown to users, so you can rename it. Select it and click " + " to add a subcategory (in fact, because the root category is not displayed, this new category will be main). Add as many categories and subcategories as you need

3. Click "My products" in the main menu of the Catalogue

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You can add several options / variants toward your product. Turn on the product sizes, and then complete the information on the size / options of your product with the price for each. Please note that if you activate this feature, you will not be able to change the price of your product in the main menu as you did before. The price displayed in the list will be smallest (for example, from 1.30 ₽).

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4. In the menu "Settings" you can manage the fields
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In addition, after the settings store settings, You can use a separate panel to manage store Admin MobilCart

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navigate to store settings in tax settings, add any value, such as VAT - 0, re-register the created goods

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