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The function of "Folder" allows you to create in your app tree/ nested categories and functions
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Mask override : this option is useful for subfolders. You can set the overall design on the tab "design" on all subfolders, but if you want to use a specific design for subfolders, you can install it using this parameter.

To create a subfolder, you need to press +. If you want to change the name, subtitles or the cover / thumbnail image, you only need to press editor


You can ONLY add to your folder the functions that you have already created.Adding a function in one of your folders is very simple. First select the folder in which you want to add a feature. Then click on the feature you want to add to this folder.

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You will see that after adding the functions to a folder, this feature will no longer appear in the slider main function. To manage the functions that you added to the selected folder, you need to open the page "Folder". Then select the folder or subfolder in which you want to manage.

Once you have moved the object to a folder, you still have the option to remove it from him. To do this, click on the cross

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