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Invite a friend

Module INVITE-A-REFERAL Nwicode CMS will allow you to expand the user base of the application

viral marketing. In combination with the module of the purse, You can reward your users

giving them points for sharing the app. This module uses a sharing mechanism to the default iOS and

Android to invite friends.

The module requires little configuration. Please follow the instructions below to properly configure.


The first step is to add text that describes what you want the users did and what their

reward. Next, you need to add a background image (Fig. 2.A. 1). In the section "shared text" you have

enter the text that will be displayed when you share an app with iOS or Android default

Finally, determine the number of points that you want to give them for earnings.


The URL of the stores

The URL of the Apple stores and Google Play are not included in this module. It uses

information already present in your application.



To test that everything is working properly, you will need two mobile phones. It is impossible

check in the editor, or webapp, as it uses native sharing on iOS and Android

mechanism. On a mobile phone you press the share button. It is an open exchange mechanism

and You can share the app with another mobile phone. In this message you will receive an invitation


the code that is generated automatically. This is the code that you must enter on the second mobile phone

phone. When you enter the code and click the Save button, the points will be credited in wallet

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