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Progressive loyalty

The module of Progressive loyalty, will allow you to run a loyalty program and encourage their clients, when they buy your products or services. Giving customers rewards with the first of their points, you make their customers more loyal. No need to wait until the card is filled, to reward your customers!

You can accumulate points from a function MobilCart and from the module Booking automatically.

With powerful reporting mechanism you can easily identify their most loyal customers and find out how many awards used. You will also see a evaluation of sales, which generates loyalty program. If you have the goods, you will be able to remotely check the points after each purchase. Finally, you can track employees who check the points and rewards to have control.

If you want to work towards long-term loyalty, in addition to this module, please think about the connection club card.

The loyalty module is configured in 5 steps. You will need to open the tab loyalty Card to
to begin this process.


Loyalty card
The first step is to create a loyalty card. You will need to name your map is
used in reporting, but will not be visible to users, set number of points for a card
determine whether this map is unique or reused after completion
the accumulated amount.
After you have created the loyalty card, the second step is to create a remuneration
Please note that any rewards that you make active/inactive, will be immediately active/inactive
on the map.
You can create the reward by clicking on the plus sign . You will need to install
the award's title and description – these two fields will be visible to the user, select how many
points required to receive this award, and you can upload some images.
Inactive image awards will appear when the user is still not enough points to redeem it.
After the player collects enough points to get the reward, it shows the active image awards.
Similarly, the Activate Button in the application for this award will change color. If you do not place
image here will use the default image that is loaded on the Settings tab.

Please note that once you create an award, it must be activated before it will appear on the screen
When creating a fee, you can determine his sentence will expire 30 days after it is received by the user. This creates
the urgency to send the user back to the store to redeem the award and may
additional purchase in your store

Module progressive loyalty You'll be able to check the scores remotely, and you don't need
to have physical access to a mobile phone to do it.

You can also check the points with
the customer's mobile phone by creating a pin for the staff.
Once you get activate the module, the employee will be automatically created using your settings, make sure that you have filled in your user data (name and surname),
otherwise, the user will not be created automatically. This employee cannot be deleted, it needs
know the 4 digit pin code in order to confirm the points on the map customers.

Users are shown in the list of manual checks, those who have registered in this application.
They will be added to the module automatically when you register.

To check points through the editor, you need to select the user and click on the icon of the stamp
. You will need to set the number of points you would like to add and
enter the 4-digit PIN code that you set.

After configuring the card and the rewards you can choose which design layout to apply to your loyalty card

The last step is to install the default settings – these settings allow you to set up your loyalty card to your needs. In addition, you will be able to control, will be able to check 1 or more bonuses at the same time. If the “1 point” , the employee in the store will be able to activate only one time through the app at the same time.
We have added compatibility with the function of Mobil Cart by default. if you activate
“import sales from the module Commerce”, you will be able to determine the transformation rule
for sales that are made. You must define a rule with the lowest number of sales that you want
to convert into bonuses. Only whole numbers will be converted, not decimal. This means that, if the rule should convert 1 point for every 10p in sales, then the order
11R, the user will receive 1 point. The conversion of points is only
times when the order status is marked as “ready”.


You can set the color on the module of progressive loyalty, changing the map and button
the colors on the STYLES tab. In addition, if you want to change ballio default
the background color, you can do so using the following advanced CSS code:
img.square{background-color: #EBB19E;} – for square points design{background-color: #EBB19E;} – for circle points design

Analytics this module was created to help companies identify their most loyal customers
On the dashboard of customer data, you can see a number of awards for each customer
the number of confirmed points and the number of visits performed by the client
to the store. Please note that we make the assumption that each point is tested the result
a visit to the store. However, if the points are checked several times during 2-hour period, we
defined 1 visit. Total revenue is calculated using estimated values for 1 point, if
the creation of maps and multiplying it by the number of points confirmed.

User Interface
Below you can see the UI screens.

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