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Push notifications

First of all, to be able to send notifications, your app must be published in markets. In the editor applications, it's pretty simple. You have to push the Push function:

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Then you should click on + to create a new Push message:

  • "To open function, or a custom URL" allows you to redirect users to a specific URL or a specific page of your app when they open the push notification.
  • "Insert cover image"
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Now enter your message and click next. After you have pressed will appear:
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If you want to send notification to certain places, check the box "Send to a certain place", enter a location and radius. If not, select the checkbox "Send to all places".

  • "Target device": you can send to iOS and Android, only Android or only on iOS.
  • "Send all my users": send all your users, including unregistered.
  • "Send specific people": send to the specific users purchased and installed the module " personalized Push Notifications ". Displays a list of your users. You can check which users you want to send this push notification.
  • "Send in certain topics": how to create topics and send push notifications on the topics:
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