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It is very simple to configure, but you need to have the correct streaming URL.

Here's the streaming URL for our function, "Radio" :

  • http://
  • http://

Your URL should not end with "listen.pls or listen.m3u", etc.. This means that if your URL http://, you just need to keep http: //

Please note that sometimes you will need to add "/;" at the end of your URL to make it work on both Android and iOS, for example, http:// /;

Note. Since Apple requires that apps use the IPV6 network for URLS of threads you must use a domain name instead of IP address to work correctly in iOS:http://, а не http:// : 9110 /

Note. Streams, using audio / aacp bitrate 32 Kbit / s not working. You have to use more bitrate.

Note. AACP and audio/AAC + not supported by the web browser Mozilla Firefox. If the radio function is not working, make sure that you are not trying to open a stream AAC + using Firefox. Works fine with Chrome.

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