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Ads in app with AdMob

1. Create an AdWords account

To log in to AdMob you need a Google Adwords account. First, create it on

2. Create your AdMob account

Sign in to AdMob page create an account after selecting the account Adwords.

3. Create your ad

Going to Admob, you find yourself on this page:


Click "Applications" and " ADD APPLICATION ":


Then, if you post your application, click " YES " you have to look for it in stores. If " NO ", enter "application Name" and select the platform on which you want to publish your app:


Click CREATE AD UNIT and select the ad banner or a banner (the reward is not supported). Name your ad and click " CREATE AD UNIT ":


Note the ad unit ID:


You can repeat the same process to create advertising type or advertising of the same type, but for the system / device of another type.

4. Add the ID of your ad unit in your application.

Go to editor, under "Publish" your application.

Select "to Monetize my app with AdMob?" And enter the ad unit ID that you just created:

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