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This feature will allow you to create your app the place where your users can interact with each other.

Since this function can be set up, you can use it as a simple news wall or as an extended feature similar to Facebook.

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On this screen you can set a goal to your social wall. If you want a similar Facebook function map, likes, comments, etc.?

  • Next : sorting the list of news / messages over distance. The maximum distance is set by setting "middle range" in km.
  • Map : Show a map of all news / posts.
  • Gallery : Show all images placed in the gallery.
  • The user likes, posts, comments : like any other social network like Facebook.

Below, you can configure the icons in the app. Here is the default icons:

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In the editor you can edit and delete posts from your users.

You can moderate user contributions, the editor is the only place where you can create a message from admin

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