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With this feature, you can completely or partially block your app. The blocked content will be available only to authorized users. We will see how to configure this feature.
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Unlock by:

  • "QRCode ": create a QRCode, which after scanning unlock lock:
  • Account: unlock the lock for some accounts. You must enable the account manually on the Users tab:
  • "Allow all users by default ": if you choose "Yes" , all users who already have an account in your app, or users who create an account in your app, will have access to blocked content. If you specify "no" , it means that you will have to authorize your users manually from the menu "Users".
  • "Block all app? ": If you select Yes , your application will be blocked. Using this option you can create a private app. For example, it is useful to force your users to create accounts, if you set "Allow all users" and the default "Block all app" to "Yes". If you choose "no" , you just block some pages of your app.
  • "Select options to block ": here you can check the features that you want to lock with Padlock if the option "Block all app? "Choose "No".

NOTE : before sending the application to create a user (without mentioning the "test" or "demo") with authorized access. Then when you publish your app in iTunes Connect, simply complete this information in the demo fields the user that Apple has considered what lies behind the blocking feature.


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