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Payment module popularQIWI payment systemfor MobilCart is a very good solution for those who want to provide their customers more convenient payment options in the mobile app online store.

You must register up your shop to the payment systemKassa.QIWIand get the information to connect the payment in the app.

From the personal Cabinet QIWI you will need:

  • Password (API_PWD)

In addition, in a private office Kassa.QIWI need to specify the address for notifications (typehttps://your_domain/xxxxxxxx/qiwimobilcart/mobile_qiwi/confirmqiwi )


Then this payment system will appear in the selection list.

By choosing this payment system upon order confirmation, an order is created with status "awaiting payment", and in the personal Cabinet QIWI creates an invoice for payment. The payment link is also attached in the comment to the order. Optionally, the user can immediately proceed to payment (in this case, opens the payment form in a separate window), or pay later.

Once the bill is paid, the order status will change to "Paid". If for some reason the buyer refuses payment, the order status will change to "Cancelled". The account is active during the day since the creation.

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