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Publication in Google Play

First you need to compile the APK file of your application.

Creating a Google Play developer account (and paying $ 25 to Google), go to the page sign in to your Google Play account.

1. Click "All apps" and then "Create application" .

2. Select your default language , enter the app name and click "Create" .


3. In the section "application Details", enter a brief and full description of your application.


You must provide at least 2 screenshots of your app.

4. Click Add high-RES icon (512 × 512).


5. Under "Category" select your application type, category.

6. In the section "Contact information" enter your web site, email address and phone number (optional).

7. In the privacy policy, you must enter the URL of the privacy policy of your app (required)


8. Click "Save".

9. Go to the "Applications" tab and click "versioning".


10 . Click the "Create issue" .

11. In the message "you Sign the application with Google Play", click "OPT-OUT".


12. Click on the " Age restrictions ". Review the information and click "Continue" .


13. Enter your email address.

14. Select a category and fill in the questionnaire.

15. After filling out the questionnaire click "Save" .

Then click "Define" ,

and to finish, click "Apply" .

16. Go to the tab " Prices and distribution ".

17. Select "User programs" (usually "Google Play for Work"), then select the type of your app "Free"or " Paid" .
If you want to publish a paid app you must add your seller account to your Google Play account.
Note. After the app is published as "Free", it cannot be changed to "paid".

18. In countries select Available to make your app available in all regions or select specific countries from the list.

19. Click "Save" .

20. If everything is in order, the tabs "Applications", "List of shops", "Age" and "Price" will be installed green flag. If not, something is missing.

Click finish to publish .

Click on "Manage releases". Click "Edit issue" .

(The status of your application is now expected before publication and it will be available in the Google Play Store within a few hours.)

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