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Check in AppStore

The creation of a personal account in the AppStore is a prerequisite for the development of this app.

Create AppleID

Apple ID is an authentication system that is used in many Apple products, including iTunes Store, App Store, iCloud, etc. an Apple ID is the account that allows users to access Apple resources.

1. To create an Apple ID gothe link. Complete all fields and remember the security questions.

2. Confirm email address and phone number.

3. After you create a AppleID open any IOS/macOS device and turn on two-factor authentication. Windows/Android is not suitable for the activation of two-factor authentication. How to enable two-factor authentication read the articlethe link.

To create a developer account you must have Apple devices with an accessible activation limit new accounts to iCloud:

  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 9 and later;
  • a Mac computer with OS X Yosemite and iTunes 12.3 or later.
  • Apple Watch OS watch OS 2 or later;
  • Apple TV HD tvOS”

On one device can perform up to 3 activations on different iCloud accounts. If you have already activated the device on its other accounts activated user accounts for other people, or acquired the use of a device that has already been activated, you will not be able to implement a new activation, you will need to look for another device.

Registration developer account

Go to the websiteApple. Enter your Apple ID and password. Accept the user agreement by clicking the Submit button. On the next welcome screen, click Join the Apple Developer Program. Go to the following screen and click on the Enroll button.


You can join the program as a natural person (Individual) or legal (Company/Government Organization). The cost is the same — $ 99, regardless of the type of developer. The difference in the status: in the graph the Seller will mean either the Name or the name of the company, LCC.

Check the individual developer

1. Select Individual and click Continue.

2. Complete the personal information. Tick the box agreeing to the terms of this agreement. Click on the button Continue.


Registration of the company-developer

You can register developer account on your personal AppleID with a type of Company:

  • if you are a legally registered company, for example, in the Russian Federation (IE not suitable for this method).
  • if you are an officially registered private entrepreneur (PE) or LLC or LTD, etc. in Ukraine.

In this case, before you register and pay for the developer account you need to Objazatelnaja a DUNS number.

It is important

1. When registering account, the company must provide the website and corporate E-mail (i.e., email address registered on this site, not mail servers, etc.)

2. All information you provide when registering must be real and authentic. Phone numbers also have to be real and for – work. These numbers Apple may call and confirm information for registration.


A DUNS number may already exist for all of OOO in Russia, which was once created. Gothe linkto find it. For correct search it is important to choose the right company name in the Latin alphabet. As a rule, Russian company name in transliteration, so you need to try different spellings.


How to get a DUNS number?

Go to the websitethe linkfill all the fields very properly, otherwise the process of obtaining a DUNS number may be delayed. After filling click on Continue.

If Apple has identified you, then your company already has a DUNS number, you can specify it when registering a developer account. If not, you will be prompted to send the information entered in the company Dun & Bradstreet. After considering the application you will be contacted via email or phone number, usually the review period lasts up to 14 days.

Again, if you registered as individual entrepreneurs in the Russian Federation, to obtain the DUNS number will not work.

Payment account

1. Click on the Purchase button.

2. Complete information on the payer.

It is important

Name that opened the account have to match the name of the owner of the card with which payment will be made account in AppStore.


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