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1. You will need a user account Facebook

2. Go to the page
3. Click

4. Register and confirm your account

5. Enter the name of your Facebook app (you can choose a name that relates to your platform, for example, "Google Apps Maker Company"). This name will be shown to app users when they want to create an account in mobile app using the Facebook connection.


Click " Add first product ".

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Go to Settings> General in the left menu.

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Here, the application ID and secret which you will use in the Siberian language. There are two ways to use Facebook API key on the platform (in the cloud or on your own platform):

  • In The Backoffice> Settings> APIs
    this will be used in all your applications. The advantage is that you don't need to create an API key for each application. The disadvantage in the case of using a Facebook login within the app: users will see the name of the Facebook apps that you use for all your platforms. Therefore, especially for owners of Saas, this means that clients of your potential intermediaries will see the name of your page in Facebook. We suggest to choose a common name.
  • Editor apps> Settings> API
    It will be application specific. The advantage is that you can choose a name for your Facebook application, which coincides with the name of your app with the same icon. Thus, when the user uses the Facebook login, Facebook displays the app requesting the user's consent, which has the same name as the application. The disadvantage is that you must create an API key for each application.

Please note that you can add a specific API key for Facebook application even if you have a Facebook API key in your back office, the one that you installed for one application in the editor will replace it from your back office.
Depending on your selection, copy and paste the "app ID" and "app Secret" in the Settings> API or in the Editor in Settings> API.

If you create a Facebook key for one app, in the editor, go to "Settings"> "APIs" and copy the URL of the callback (if you create a Facebook key for your back office, you don't need to worry about these URIs

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In the left menu of the Facebook settings, click on " sign in Facebook "> "Settings" and paste the URL, then click "Save changes" (in the case of the key to your back office simply enter https: // localhost / callback ):


  • https: // localhost / callback used on phone and tablet. Thus, the API key from the backoffice> settings> the API will work for all your apps on your phone or tablet.
  • to a website html5 your application.
    So, if you want to login Facebook online html5 your apps, you will need to create a new Facebook API and add it to the settings API editor.

Go back to Settings> Main menu. In the Domains field application, leave the field blank. For category, select " Utilities and productivity ".

Add the URL of the privacy Policy.

Select "Login using Facebook" in the list, clicking " configuration ": Choose WWW


In the URL field of the website, enter the address of your platform and this time with "http: //" and "www." If your platform is your primary domain. If it is on a subdomain, enter your subdomain, for example, Enter the URL address of your domain name and http: //* (if your application is enter http: //* ". Then save.
(We recommend to install both "http" and "https", and so 6 entries)


In the top menu, click on the posted

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