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How to add SSL certificate

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is a Protocol for secure exchanges on the web site. If your web site or web application protected by an SSL certificate, exchanges, on your web site is protected, and, for example, a registered user can't steal your password by a hacker who tries to intercept exchanges on your web site.

If your site is enabled for SSL, this means that you can access it through connection "https". To try, simply enter ""in your browser. If the address bar displays a lock icon just before the name of your domain, this means that your website is enabled for SSL.

SSL can be enabled on your web site or web application by adding an SSL certificate on your hosting. In this article, we are going to show you how to do this for your platform nwicode. Please note that if you use START, you can add an SSL certificate on their own, using the parameters of the SSL certificate by your hosting provider. If you have Saas, due to the fact that you may have customers using your own domain name for your applications or to your admin panel (in the case of intermediaries), we highly recommend you using the process below.

Initial setup

First, go to Backoffice> Settings> Advanced> Configuration

Most likely, you will see this section, because now your HTTPS is disabled, and you have issued certificates from Let's .


Activate the server certificate for your domain and upload them to the platform, or specify the path


Once saved, should be like this:


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