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Transfer sessions in Redis

If you have many users and your server started to slow down, you can configure Redis server for your sessions.


  • Redis server
  • PHP-Redis plugin

Installation on your server:

For debian, run the command with shell client

1) apt-get update 2) apt-get upgrade 3) apt-get install redis-server 4) systemctl enable redis-server.service 5) в файле /etc/redis/redis.conf - добавить: maxmemory 256mb maxmemory-policy allkeys-lru 6) systemctl restart redis-server.service 7) apt-get install php-redis

For centOS

1) yum install epel-release 2) yum install redis 3) systemctl enable redis 4) systemctl start redis 5) pecl install igbinary igbinary-devel redis 6) php -m | grep redis 7) в файле /etc/redis/redis.conf - добавить: maxmemory 256mb maxmemory-policy allkeys-lru

Once your Redis server is running and configured, go to Backoffice> Settings> Advanced> Configuration :

_экрана 2019-07-09 в 16.48.47.png

Enter "Redis enpoint" and " Redis AUTH KEY ", then click TRANSFER sessionnot SAVE button!

Then change the "session Handler" on Redis, and now the SAVE button

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