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Push notifications for Android

To create an API key to enable Push notifications for Android, follow these steps:

1.Go to the pagepage

2.Log in to your Firebase account (tied to the Google account that You registered as a developer in Google Play);

3.Click on the "Add project".

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4.Enter a project name, select your country, accept the terms of data protection, confirm the use of the services, Firebase, and then click "Create project";

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5.Create a new app on your Android: tap on the icon with the Android logo, in the opened window, enter the package name of the Android package.placeholder (IMPORTANT!) and then click "Register app", download the file "google-services.json" to the computer (need to add in the admin panel), click Next and close the window;

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6.Scroll down below, and edit the field "application Alias" and enter there the name of the application "Platform Wide App".

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7.Click on Cloud Messaging, where You'll find your "key server" and "sender ID". Copy them (need to add in the admin panel).

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8.Go to Backoffice in Nwicode open "Settings"> "Push"> "Configuration" , enter the copied key in the "GCM Key" and the ID of the sender in the "sender ID" - click "Save sender ID and key" and upload the downloaded file "google-services.json".

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