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create mobile apps in a matter of hours

Our partners are developer companies, freelancers, web design studios, consulting agencies: everyone who creates and implements Internet solutions. It is the partners who have the right to sublicense clients (i.e. "sell" Nwicode licenses).

You will get access to the open code NWICODE CMS, the ability to modify existing modules and write their own modules for exclusive tasks, as well as distribute them through us through our partner network and among our customers. 

If you have an interesting experience with mobile apps, we are always happy to invite you as a speaker. You will be able to share your knowledge with other developers, find potential partners and clients for further cooperation based on your experience.


With ready-made features, you can easily start selling mobile apps in a matter of hours. Development of mobile apps for ios and android for different business categories. Now you don't need to think about kernel updates for new IOS and Android operating systems, because the NWICODE team will do it for you.


A short video about the advantages of the NWICODE CMS platform.


Earn money on ready-made mobile apps!

How many requests from potential customers to you end with the question "how much does the app cost?". Agree, a significant number. Your offer will always be too expensive for most of them. And at the same time, you know for sure that such customers need a mobile app! What to do with them? Make money on them!

Who are "unnecessary" customers?


These customers are not willing to pay significant amounts for app development (at least for now). But they clearly need it now and inexpensively.


These clients are not ready to wait 4-6 months for the Studio to come up with and implement their ideas. But they clearly need an app and fast.


These customers are dissatisfied with their current app, made "on the knee" by a student. But they clearly need an app and reliable support.


Creating mobile applications on NWICODE CMS is a popular service in the web services market. Take a prominent place among our partners and you will see that the number of requests to your Agency will increase

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what do I need from you

A few simple formalities

The partner status is given when signing the partner agreement. The partner must add information about the development of mobile applications based on NWICODE CMS to their site.

After signing the contract, we offer a 30% discount on all our licenses until we reach 10 sales. 45% over 10 sales.

We provide hosting companies with a single 50% discount on all licenses from the moment of signing the contract.

Our bonus to you

Get a license for free

We are well aware of how risky it is sometimes to invest your own funds in something new, especially if you are a startup.


  • Sign the partnership agreement 
  • Add information to your site
  • If you are not a developer, your company must be at least 6 months old


Placing the platform on a dedicated server of our company with full access.