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The use of geo-zoning

Geo-location is often closely related to the geo-zoning function-definition

the fact that a particular user of the application is in the desired area on the map (geo-zone). With geo-zoning, you can send trigger push notifications based on the location information of each individual user.You can set up automatic distribution of messages that will come to each client exactly when he will be in the right area: will enter a certain city, will go to a certain shopping center-will pass by a certain point on the map.

Such automated messages can be a very powerful marketing tool. A few examples of trigger messages based on geo-zoning:

  • User is near your store: Hello! Today discounts in our stores: up to 40%. The store nearest you: St. Gogol 3 (100 metres).
  • Fast food network customer enters another city: welcome to Minsk! If you're hungry, come to Our Golden Bagel. Map of offices in Minsk: <link to the map of offices>
  • The client was on the bridge, where, according to reports, the traffic jam gathered: Stuck in traffic? We offer you to read the latest news of your city!
  • The user is at the stadium where the concert is taking place now: get positive Energy! Cream Cola is the official partner of the concert, ask for a drink at the points of sale.

  • Let's try to offer some ideas:

Dry cleaning, translation, COST. 

Set the geo-zone of a certain circle, the center of which is your company. When a customer who has installed your application, driving on his business by, enters this zone, he receives a notification that his order is ready. Customers generally like to receive good news, and in this situation, he solves his problem "on the way", which only adds loyalty to your business.

Cooking, bakery, ice cream parlour.

You have manufactured a new recipe for your product and you need feedback from your consumers. When the client of your application gets to the geo-zone specified by you, he receives an invitation to a free tasting. You carry out at no extra cost advertising event, and at the same time increased the flow of visitors to your institution (everyone loves a freebie!) in addition to free samples of products sweeps from the shelves of other vending goods. Do you think the rescue!

 Estate agency.

Clients of your application are in search of their property, move about their business. Getting into the geofence around the object that could be of interest to them, they receive a notification with a description and address. And, if they are interested, they will be able to visit this object for viewing with minimal cost. Another option is mailing list of "new" objects, just arrived in your base.

Tour agency.

According to the above principle — sending burning tours.

Also: information about interesting objects, near which there is a user of your application, and the possibility of their excursion visits. Restaurants, cafes, bars.

Geo-fencing does not have to be around your facility. You can designate around competing institutions. When a potential customer comes to your competitor, he receives your notice that you have only today a special promotion with a reduction in the price of the lunch menu.

Another option: to inform at the end of a football match that in your institution, located within walking distance from the geo-zone of the stadium, on the occasion of the victory of your favorite team every third stake(?) free of charge (you will regain the fans destroyed tons of snacks).

Geo-zones can be set to any distance you need. It can be a whole city, and can only be the sidewalk in front of your store. GPS technology is very sensitive. If you have a large city, establishing a fully encompassing geo-zone is unlikely to be effective. Many customers simply can not or will not want to get to you, and your competitors on their way will be enough. You might want to consider as a goal the next quarter. But if you have a small town, and you are a monopolist in it, the coverage of the entire territory will be successful.

This tool generates additional traffic for you. But don't forget about your customers. Sending push notifications using geo-zones should benefit them, otherwise they will simply refuse your mailings.

There are many ways to use geo-zones creatively. Applying non-standard approaches to the advertising campaign and generating creative ideas to promote products and services, you can achieve a lot! We provide you with a unique tool for this-free sending an unlimited number of push notifications with the possibility of geo-targeting.

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