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We develop software products and do not create applications, acting as a technology partner for you!

Our partners are developers, freelancers, web design studios, consulting agencies: everyone who creates and implements Internet solutions. It is the partners who have the right to sublicense customers (i.e." sell " Nwicode licenses).


Our principle:

The terms of the affiliate program are the same for all partners

"NWicode" has the same policy and creates the same rules for all partners without exception.

We do not compete with our partners

"NWicode" not engaged in mobile application development on a custom CMS, projects carried out by partners.

All requests of potential customers are transferred to partners

"NWicode" receives a large number of project requests. This is the result of our work to attract customers. Absolutely all such requests, no matter how interesting or profitable they are, are transferred to the partner network. We do not develop applications, we make a platform for their development.

We make great efforts to develop the business of our partners

"NWicode" always holds the position: "together we work more efficiently and earn more»


The main goal of the affiliate program is to make participation profitable. We do a lot to make partners earn more:

We attract customers. 

We provide the only platform in Russia and encourage customers to apply for development in the partner network.

We transfer projects to partners. 

Every day we receive a large number of requests from potential customers to create projects. All of them are transferred to the affiliate network.

We help partners to find new customers on their own 

On our website you can post information about yourself and your company, publish a description of completed projects. We invite partners to participate with us in the development of new features.

We provide discounts to partners 

From 30 to 50% on the license, depending on the partner status.


Discounts from 30 to 50% on licenses supplied by the company

The discount amount is determined by the partner's status.

Free license for your application and demonstration of features

A fully functional (not for resale) license is provided to install the native application.

Representation of your company on the website " NWicode»

Placement of information about your company (presentation of services and completed projects).

Documents confirming the status and rights

Certificates certifying the status of the partner, certifying the legality of the version purchased by the client.

Access to the knowledge base for partners and specialized forums

Ability to access the closed sections of the partner site, which contains information on sales support, marketing solutions, as well as documents and presentations for partners. Participation in partner forums for consultation and discussion of topical issues.


Conditions for developers and Web studios

The provision of ongoing discounts on the license NWICODE from 30-70% depending on the status of the partner

The affiliate program "NWICODE" brings together companies that are engaged in the creation, maintenance, support of Internet projects, software distribution, provide IT-consulting, hosting services.

Our partners are web studios, advertising agencies, system integrators and freelancers: all those who develop Internet solutions.

Partners offer a wide range of services: analysis of project requirements, preparation of technical specifications, design and development of design, project functionality, search engine optimization, advertising on the Internet, technical support, etc.

Partner network "NWICODE" is divided into statuses according to certification levels.


Gold certified partner has extensive experience in the development of web projects and mobile applications, including solutions based on "NWICODE". Employees of the partner company successfully passed all available training courses, passed tests and received certificates of specialists. Gold certified partner has a large number of large and medium-sized projects developed on the basis of the product. The partner is offered a discount of up to 70% on licenses.



Silver certified partner has sufficient experience in the development of web projects and mobile applications in order to provide professional services for the development of applications based on "NWICODE". The certified partner has developed more than 20 projects based on "NWICODE". The partner is offered a discount of up to 50% on licenses.



The business partner provides or begins to provide services for the development of mobile applications based on "NWICODE". The business partner can also specialize in online or offline software distribution, provide consulting services to various companies. The partner is offered a discount of up to 30% on the license, provided that 1 license of the system is activated (or developed by the application to order)