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NWICODE CMS innovation CMS mobile application management open-source and designer to create mobile applications without programming skills. In Russia, it was launched in may 2018. NWICODE allows anyone from a simple user to an experienced developer to easily create mobile apps.

As in the world of websites, where CMS are the preferred systems for creating a website, CMS for mobile applications has great advantages over cloud-based online designers :

full ownership of the software and therefore the user is independent of the system developer

you can customize the software for yourself or for customers

you can create your own functions

This is especially true for agencies and developers who create applications for their customers and do not want to be tied to cloud designers .



CMS NWICODE was launched by Russian developers in 2018 on the Russian market in the field of mobile applications. The core was based on various frameworks and technologies of Western developers, such as IONIC and Xtraball

The company has grown significantly after the launch of CMS NWICODE and works with thousands of customers from around the world. The software reached 20,000 downloads in September 2018.

The system is used by application development agencies and web sites, freelancers and ordinary users who independently run applications for their own business.

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On request, you can get all the materials for posting articles on your site, in addition, we give you a perpetual license to run your own mobile application on the CMS NWICODE.