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Referral program

We have a referral affiliate program

We have launched a new affiliate referral program for all who wish to recommend to their customers, business partners one of the best solutions in the market in the field of mobile application development – the platform CMS NWICODE. Now it has become even more profitable. The new program involves the payment of Agency fees in the amount of 15% of all payments attracted by the user for the purchase of licenses and additional products in our marketplace.

Program for specialists to attract customers. The participant of this program (referrer) receives a special link to our website or a certain product, which he can place on any third-party resource. The user who followed such a link and registered later on the site automatically becomes a referral-this means that with his payments the referee will receive an Agency fee of 15%. In the personal Cabinet of the participant of the program are always available relevant statistics for all attracted clients and perfect payments. The money earned can be displayed on Yandex. Money, Bank account, Visa or Mastercard or use to purchase any goods or services on our website.

This program is our gratitude for the contribution to the promotion of our product. The program can become the main source of income for promotion and marketing specialists. Often, this program is used by business companies and mobile application developers who recommend our platform to their customers to increase sales. 

Attracted partners of the program for specialists are regular buyers of licenses and they also fall under the action of the referral system. This means that it has become much more profitable to recommend our product to web studios, private developers and other professionals.

Referral program can bring significant income due to the 4-year period of payment of remuneration for each attracted user. Charges may increase as a snowball, with prolonged work on the distribution of referral links and thus increase the customer base.

How it works?

Anyone can register for free as a partner of the referral program and become a so-called referrer. 

Features of link generation are reduced to the correct addition of your affiliate ID, and this in turn is reduced to the correct formation of the url. When forming links, adding an affiliate ID manually, you need to follow the rules of building links, as the system will give an error or redirect when trying to access the site on the wrong link. The formation rules are as follows-the first value (or key=value) is separated from the main site address by a question mark “?” and the rest through the sign of apersand “&”, the key in our case is the word "tracking", and the value of your affiliate ID.

Further, the referrer can place such a link on the forum, in an advertising letter, article, personal website or anywhere else. The user who clicked on such a link is permanently assigned a special label in the browser, which stores information about who brought the user. The user becomes a referral.