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  • New York, NY
App Home Page designs to use in for your apps. Are you tired of the same old “templated” look of your app Home Page designs? Are you looking for something more modern and stylish? If so, then look no further. Your solution is here! BENEFITS: * Increase the value of your apps and impress your clients with a modern, stylish, app design. * Earn revenue by reselling the designs as “premium” design options to your customers and clients (effectively costing you nothing to obtain the product). * Get everything you need with the purchase to impress your clients: a preview video, a phone screenshot, and an iPad/tablet screenshot. * Guaranteed to work with the current version of NWICODE. * Increase the probability of your app being approved by Apple by not having a your app look as “templated”. * Easily configurable by simply replacing the default images and/or editing the css to fit your needs. * Very affordable… WHAT YOU GET WITH YOUR PURCHASE: * Full code of the design (including css files, etc). * A video preview of the design. * A phone screenshot of the design. * An iPad/Tablet screenshot of the design. * Detailed install instructions.

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