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AR feature via Vuforia

AR feature via Vuforia
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AR feature via Vuforia
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Creating an AR game with Vuforia

only for new version of nwicode 1.2 +

Augmented reality (AR) has long been a very popular term. Thanks to the Vuforia service, developers can easily Supplement the physical world with digital content.

Create AR using the Vuforia service integrated with the Unity engine and add your games on the nwicode platform

Here are some features:

  • Setting up data transfer from the augmented reality camera
  • Image tracking 
  • Attaching digital content to a physical object
  • Create custom interactions that run based on what the camera sees

Where can I use augmented reality technology?

The possibilities of augmented reality technology are limitless, it can be used in all spheres of modern man's activity.

Marketing and advertising business were among the first to adopt the capabilities of AR.  Augmented reality in advertising is used in all spheres.

Augmented reality functions are provided with showcases, fitting rooms, interactive kiosks, promotional stands. Advertising campaigns conducted using augmented reality technologies, cause a wide response and, most importantly, effectively affect the target audience, creates a sustainable positive impression of the product or service.

Presentation of the product in 3D-format ensures the involvement of potential consumers in the process of studying the product, especially if it is possible to disassemble the image into layers. The buyer can see the object from all sides, "turn" it 360 degrees. After examining the product from all angles, the buyer will be better able to represent its holistic appearance and evaluate the product

Module to integrate the Vuforia AR in your app

Follow the steps below to get the license key in the AR function via Vuforia:

If you have created an account with Developer Vuforia, log in or register.

After logging in to Vuforia dashboard, select the development tab and click on Get development key

In the license Manager section, Specify the name of the application and click Confirm to continue.

Copy the license key and paste it into the license key field in the AR module

Full documentation will be available after the implementation of this module.

The module is under development and available for pre-order, the estimated release date is 20-30 augusta 2019

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