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Content Manager (app editor)

CMS (Content management system) is a computer program used to automate content management. CMS lets you control the text and graphics content of your app by providing the user with convenient tools to store and publish information regardless of their skill level.

Accordingly, the content manager (or app editor) is a person working with CMS.

Who is this course for?

The Content Manager course is addressed to those who work with the content of the mobile application: filling, changing the text, downloading and posting pictures and so on.

You will learn:

  • Work with controls in the system interface
  • Work with functions - the place where most of the information is stored on the site;
  • Work with app updates - a tool to generate source code and update apps in the pins;
  • work with individual modules of the system.
Note: The course covers typical questions that need to be addressed to the content Manager. Sometimes the scope of responsibilities of a content Manager is expanded due to certain functions of the platform administrator.