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Restaurants - module for restaurants and delivery service

Restaurants - module for restaurants and delivery service
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Mobile application for restaurants and cafes

Currently, the popularity of mobile ordering and delivery services is growing, more and more people are using a smartphone to order food. Own application for a restaurant is the best solution for attracting and retaining customers.

Our application includes everything you need for a successful restaurant and delivery service.

Unlimited number of restaurants and cafes in one application

Unlike similar applications, we do not limit the application to only one restaurant. In the application, you can add as many restaurants as you like, and the client will be able to choose the most suitable one.

Unlimited number of additional addresses for each restaurant (for a chain of restaurants)

Do you have a cafe network? For each restaurant, you can add an unlimited number of additional addresses with the booking function and display the entire network on the map.

Nearest restaurants on the map

All restaurants on one map - you just have to choose the most suitable one! Either all restaurants can be shown on the map, or only one particular restaurant with all additional addresses. The map is automatically positioned to show you the nearest one.

Online table reservation at any address of the restaurant

You can book a table in three clicks - select a restaurant - specify the date and time of booking - specify the number of persons and a request will be created. The restaurant employee will receive a notification of the order and will contact the customer for confirmation, and then set the appropriate reservation status.

Different types of cuisine

Each restaurant prepares dishes of a particular cuisine. Add the types of cuisine for each restaurant, and the client will choose what is preferable to him now - spicy Mexican food or mouth-watering rolls. Having chosen a certain type of cuisine, the client will be shown only those restaurants that prepare dishes of this cuisine.

Unique menu management system

Now there is no need to create the same dishes with different prices for different restaurants. Just create a full menu, and in the restaurant settings, select which dishes are cooked in it and set the necessary prices.

Options for each dish

We have designed convenient options for dishes that do not have any restrictions.

Categories, subcategories and filters

Multi-level categories with convenient choices. The number of categories for a particular dish is not limited, however, navigation and filtering are as simple and convenient as possible.

Tags and ingredients

Very convenient feature for the client. Allows you to highlight key features of dishes and key ingredients. In addition, ingredients and tags, in addition to the output in the list, are also used in the filter.

Maximum informative dish card

There is no need to explain anything here:

Delivery or pickup

The customer can choose either delivery or pickup. Available 5 delivery options with different prices. You can specify the time and date of delivery or pickup.

Bonus system

After each order to the client bonuses are automatically credited to the bonus account. The amount of bonuses can be set as a single percentage of the order amount, and set on a particular dish.

Single basket

The client no longer needs to place orders at each restaurant separately. Simply put the necessary dishes in the basket and place a general order - the system itself will create an order for each

Ioncube Loader required!

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