The world has become much more mobile than it was a few years ago. The vast majority of people have abandoned desktop computers and even laptops, starting to use now affordable smartphones. Touch screen and high mobility provide great advantages for solving a large number of tasks. Some smartphones now work no worse than computers, not inferior to them in technical characteristics.

It should be understood that the capabilities of the smartphone largely depend on what applications were installed on it. Many of today's popular and widely used applications were developed not by large companies, but by ordinary programmers, who now benefit from the popularity of their programs. That is why the creation of mobile applications is a very promising option of earnings on the Internet. Develop applications and high-class professionals and novice programmers who have interesting ideas.

Applications for Android are the most popular in the world. If you understand this operating system, you can start developing applications for it. It is important that the application was quite useful, relevant for a large number of users of smartphones running on Android. That's why the idea of the application should be carefully worked out from the very beginning. Think about what you, your friends and thousands of other people with smartphones are missing. The application should solve certain tasks, facilitate the use of a mobile device.

If you understand that the creation of mobile applications – an impossible task, then in this case, do not despair. The fact is that you can order the development of such an application for the same Android, having a unique idea of the application. It should be noted that the development of applications in most cases is much cheaper than the development of a computer program. If you think that your idea is promising, that the application will gain popularity because of its usefulness and ease of use, you need to find a suitable specialist using one of the freelancer sites. If the application gets the expected popularity, you can earn good money on advertising or selling the application itself.

And finally, you need to try to promote your applications using different means of promotion to achieve its rapid popularization.