Mobile specialized applications have a conversion of more than 2.5 times than just an optimized website for the mobile version. Plus, such applications are available to users only if they install the application. Now there is a huge variety of applications, so stand out from them is not so easy, you need to make a special effort. Regular customers are likely to install your app over time and enjoy using it if it works well and has good functionality. Those retailers that think ahead should consider mobile strategies for both the web browser and the app. If the seller pays due attention to both the site and the app, traffic will grow and buyers will make purchases over and over again through the mobile app.

We strive to develop the functionality and capabilities of the online store function on the Nwicode platform, view and analyze the top existing applications created to order in stores and improve our functionality with new and useful options. In the admin control panel of the store is now available:

  • Sending push notifications about the order status
  • View the abandoned cart and send push notifications to the user
  • Accrual of points (monetary reward) to the user for registration
  • Contests - show the best buyers in your rating and encourage them