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CMS NWICODE - Business Saas

CMS NWICODE - Business Saas
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Modern and comfortable
The first CMS for mobile applications in Russia
60+ Modules
Ready-made modules to create powerful and modern applications
Built with Love
Made with love on the best ionic 4 framework

It is a complete application development platform that you can install on your server. It allows you to start your business online with your own mobile app Builder. Just create multiple billing plans on your platform and let your customers create their apps and pay you online through the payment gateway integrated into your Builder, with automatic billing every month. From your backend, you manage users, customers, accounts, business model, and subscriptions. If you want to have your own mobile application Builder, such as the largest application platforms on the Internet, then purchase a CMS NWICODE - business Saas.

What will I be able to earn?

You can create an online service to develop mobile applications for online business. Just create your own rates and allow users to register themselves, create their own apps and pay for them on your platform. From your backend, you manage users, customers, accounts, business model, and subscriptions.

Are there any restrictions?

In this version, there are no restrictions and other hidden charges. You get the full software on your server and we provide you with support, free updates, enhancements and features.

Our clients are sales / marketing managers with no programming skills, so you will be able to manage your platform, absolutely without any programming skills.

What about updates?

CMS NWICODE is a full-time solution that we work on, so we regularly send out free updates, new features and improvements.

How do I publish apps?

For APK (Android app), Yes, APK WILL be generated automatically. The IPA file for iOS applications cannot be automatically compiled from the server because the compilation process must be performed using Apple's XCode software and therefore from an Apple computer. This means that iOS apps must be compiled manually and Android apps will be created automatically. Automatic APK creation requires a dedicated server or VPS (virtual private server), not a shared server. 

You have a choice: publish your apps yourself, let your customers publish apps themselves, or pay us to publish your apps. If you publish yourself to help you through the publishing process, we offer articles and videos explaining how to publish the app to the Apple App Store in less than 15 minutes and less than 5 minutes for Google Play. And with APK generator you don't need to compile Android apps, it automatically compiles. If you prefer that we publish apps for you, you can purchase our publishing service .


A valid license is required. Only for Siberian core upgrade !

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Modules and features have been tested by the NWICODE developers, but do not guarantee stable operation in case of new platform updates. In case of problems, all bugs are fixed in a short time.