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CMS NWICODE - Web Studio

CMS NWICODE - Web Studio
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Modern and comfortable
The first CMS for mobile applications in Russia
60+ Modules
Ready-made modules to create powerful and modern applications
Built with Love
Made with love on the best ionic 4 framework

It is a program to create applications that you can host on your web server. Once installed, you can create and manage any number of applications from a single backend. Thus, unlike the NWICODE START CMS, you don't need to install IT every time you want to create a new application.

What is the difference from the version of " Business Saas"

CMS NWICODE - web Studio is a solution that is well adapted if you want to sell apps "to order", that is, you find customers, create their apps, and then give them access to their dashboard so they can manage their apps. No need to reinstall it every time you need to create an app and you manage all your apps from one backend. There is no online registration for your customers, which means that they will not be able to create an account on your designer and create their own applications. You will need to create an account for them and give them access to manage their apps. The Business Saas platform is more developed, it is a complete solution for selling applications on the Internet, your customers can create their own applications and then pay you a tariff to get their applications started. You create the tariff plans you want to offer and connect a payment gateway that allows you to receive regular payments every month.

Which platforms are supported

Apps created with NWICODE can be published to Google Play for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices. For devices, this means Android phones and tablets, iPhone (4 to X) and iPad. As for the OS version, NWCODE CMS supports Android version 4.4 and above (including the latest version) and iOS version 8.0 and above (including the latest version). In most cases, new OS versions support applications created for older versions, our task is to update the CMS to support the latest versions of each OS.

Is it possible to make improvements to the functionality?

Yes, feel free to contact us. You can also publish your project to or other platforms to find the developer. What you can do is give these developers access to the modules on your server or give them the option to download a free open source CMS NWICODE application. For example, if you need to create a new feature, developers don't need to work on your platform, but you can use the open source version to develop it. If you are a developer, feel free to contact us.


A valid license is required. Only for Siberian core upgrade !

Platform for rent: You get a full platform installed on our hosting, the only limitation is the lack of access to the source code of the platform. Payment is made monthly in equal parts, at the expiration of the lease, the platform becomes your property.

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Modules and features have been tested by the NWICODE developers, but do not guarantee stable operation in case of new platform updates. In case of problems, all bugs are fixed in a short time.