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PRO Mailing
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PRO Mailing
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module description:

This addition created for platforms version of PE and MAE.

It has simple functionality and can be used as a tool to notify your users registered on the platform

1. Allows you to specify the timeout between submissions and the number of emails in one submission. (for compliance with the limits of your hosting) - coming SOON

2. Individual mail settings for sending - in the back office by default

3. Not afraid of the absence of the address of the client - they are immediately filtered in the sample.

4. Sending emails on a schedule (cron). - SOON

5. Check emails for the probability of spam using the service I

6. Specify multiple sender addresses and use them randomly.

7. Recipient sampling 

8. Insert a unsubscribe link. - SOON

9. Its advanced log sending with recording of recipient addresses and problems-the default in the system

10. Checking addresses for existence.

For the purpose of organizing the sample of recipients used two concepts:

Registered - those who are registered on your site

Buyers-those who actually subscribed to Your tariff, regardless of registration, addresses are taken from orders with the status of completed.


In order to correctly specify the timeouts for mailing, write an email to support your hosting with the question,

what restrictions are set for sending letters from the site.

Known incompatibilities (limitations):

1. The capabilities and results of the functionality for checking the existence of recipient addresses depend heavily on both mail servers,

and from the host that runs this module. Therefore, the results are recommended and do not pretend to be true.

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